Kilimanjaro Climb to Fund​

Outdoor Education!




My name is Rue Beyer and in August 2019 I am going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. I always saw nature as a place of comfort and a great teacher. It is the ultimate unbiased setting to be in where your accolades and mistakes don't matter. I always had a calling to the outdoors, but it was during one of the most difficult times in my life, that I picked up a  book on mountaineering and set a goal for myself to one day go climb mountains. It was that goal I set for myself that helped get me through 

depression and one of the worst times of my life. It took some years to get there, but I got there and the experiences and lessons learned in the mountains were invaluable. It brought me so much healing and brought out the best in myself. I’ve been climbing for six years now and have had the fortune of seeing some of the most beautiful and remote places in the world. Many people do not have that opportunity, but they can still experience the wonder and beauty of our natural world.

Nevada Outdoor School at its core is an organization that seeks to teach the local community about how to enjoy and preserve our environment. They help to provide the local youth with experiences that teach them problem solving skills, team building, outdoor ethics, and personal growth; something I know I would

have loved to have had when I was a child.  All of these lessons began one step

at a time and this adventure up Kilimanjaro will be no different.


This August, I want to help my local community's youth be able to take their first

steps into the outdoors by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the Seven

Summits. At 19,341 feet, I am looking to raise $1 for every foot climbed over the

ten days our team will be on the mountain with an overall goal of reaching

$19,341. You can follow along on our team's progress on the RMI Expeditions

blog and look for the August 3rd Kilimanjaro Climb with Dave Hahn.

Thanks so much for your support and please feel free to share to and friends

and family you think might be interested in donating!

How you can donate?

  • Make a pledge – donate a specific amount of money for every foot or day
    of my climb.

  • Make a flat donation – donate as little as $1, every donation makes a

  • Double your donation - make a donation and ask your employer to match it.

  • Be a corporate sponsor – your company logo will display on this website.

Why Nevada Outdoor School?

Because nature has taught me so much and given me so much comfort in life. Nevada Outdoor School at its core is an organization that seeks to teach the local community, namely, the children, about the outdoors and how to be a good steward of the Earth. I want everyone to understand and be able to enjoy the healing power of the mountains.

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